1999 / 2000 Holidays

December 1999

The Christmas decorations have been put away but, thanks to our friend Kate, you can relive some of the holiday celebrations with us. We hosted both Christmas dinner and the New Year's Eve festivities. Herewith, a look:

We were joined for Christmas dinner by Kate Stewart and her parents, John and Shirley, and her grandmother. Rounding out the festivities were our friends Barb Formichelli and Lois Berggren. Jane treated us to a delicious prime rib roast.

Mistress of her domain.

Master of his domain.

Who are all those presents for?

The calm before Christmas dinner.

For New Year's Eve, Kate and her parents returned. Also aboard were our friends Peter Newton and Jackie Drane, Patricia Cericola, and Liz Hughes and Damon Permezel.

The women dressed for New Year's Eve.

One minute 'til the millennium.

Happy 2000!

Party animal!

Party animal (not)!