SegCity Segway Tour of Austin


On a cloudy Sunday in May, we joined Dave and Sara Geise to take a SegCity tour of Austin. It wasn't that we especially wanted to see the sights (though we did see some areas of town that we hadn't been in), but we were intrigued by the idea of riding a Segway HT (Human Transporter) around town for three hours. Our guide first demonstrated the operation of the Segway and then we were each given an onboard orientation in the shop. We were all able to quickly master the device and off we went! Top speed was 8 MPH initially and then raised to 10 MPH at the midway point of the trip after we had become comfortable with the machine. Top speed is 12 MPH.

We had a great time and became more proficient as the tour continued. No spills or accidents of any sort. The three hours flew by and we all hated to turn in our machines. I'm sure we'll be out on another ride soon!

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segway-01 segway-02 segway-03 segway-05