Our Annual Wildflower Ride

April 21/22, 2001

This Spring, as every year, we took our annual motorcycle trip through the Hill Country. Since we had good rain in the Fall and Spring, this year was spectacular. We went with our friends from Houston, Clif and Terry Grim, and we all stayed overnight a a B&B in Fredericksburg, the heart of the Hill Country.

Clif and I used our digital cameras and got far too many pictures to them all post here.

You can see more pictures at Clif's Wildflower Ride page.

cycle1 flowers01 flowers02 flowers05 flowers06 flowers07
flowers08 flowers09 flowers10 flowers11 Image003 Image004
Image005 Image006 Image007 Image008 Image009 Image012
Image013 Image014 Image015 Image016 Image017 Image018
Image019 Image020 Image021 Image022 Image023 Image024
Image025 Image026 Image027 Image028