Our Annual Wildflower Ride

April 20, 2002

Every Spring we take our annual motorcycle ride through the Hill Country with our friends Terry and Clif Grim. This year's trip, while a lot of fun, just didn't have the beauty of previous years.

A combination of a late freeze and very dry Spring contributed to fewer flowers than usual. The normally dominant bluebonnents and Indian paintbrushes were somehwat scarce. This really allowed other varieties, such as the Indian blanket and many yellow flower varieties to shine.

We had a great ride on a beautiful day, which is really the whole point anyway. The total trip was over 300 miles. We couldn't get any B&B or motel reservations, so we just made a day trip of it.

We especially enjoy the Willow City Loop, where many bikers congregate and where the ride is spectacular even when the flowers don't cooperate. There are still many roads in the Texas Hill Country to explore and we'll work on more each year.

As usual, Clif took a ton of great pictures (I only stole a few for the montage below). Check out his album by clicking on the link. A broadband connection is advised.

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PDRM0027 PDRM0030 PDRM0034 PDRM0045