Wildflower Pictures - April/May 2006
John Bissell
April 14-17, May 13, and May 17, 2006

We took our annual wildflower motorcycle ride over Easter weekend, April 15-16. This year we rode west into the Texas Hill Country, a trip we'd not take for five or six years. We made the trip, as in past years, with friends Clif and Terry and Charlie and Janice. This year, Tom Zimmerman joined us from Connecticut. We all stayed at the D'Rose Inn which only allows motorcycles. Since Tom came in a rental car, there was a bit of confusion about whether they would let him stay. That was settled in our favor, and we set about enjoying the riding around Leakey and environs, including Lost Maples State Park.

Since the Fall and Spring were very dry, there were not a lot of wildflowers and hence I took only the two pictures shown here. Clif, as usual, took many pictures and you can view those here.

2006-04-15_01 2006-04-15_02

The rains finally came in force in early May. While too late to save the bluebonnets and other early bloomers that we had hoped to see in the Hill Country, the rain brought forth a profusion of Indian Blankets, Mexicans Hats, and many yellow flowers along Town Lake in downtown Austin. Here are some pictures from our walk on May 13.

2006-05-13_01 2006-05-13_02 2006-05-13_03 2006-05-13_04
2006-05-13_05 2006-05-13_06 2006-05-13_07 2006-05-13_08
2006-05-13_09 2006-05-13_10 2006-05-13_11 2006-05-13_12
2006-05-13_13 2006-05-13_14 2006-05-13_15

Clif and Charlie left on May 17, 2006 on another ride, this time from Houston to Yosemite. I decided not to do this trip for a number of reasons. However, Jane and I did ride down to Luling to meet up with Clif and Charlie on their first day's ride. From Luling, we all headed across I-10 through San Antonio, finally stopping for lunch in Kerrville.

After lunch, we bade farewell to the intrepid riders and headed back towards Austin. The same rains that brought the many flowers to Town Lake also made for great scenery along I-10. Huge patches of yellow and red. We stopped at the Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area to see the tunnel. Over three million Mexican freetail bats make their home here each summer. You can read more on the pictures of the placards or follow the link to the Texas Parks site.

From the Old Tunnel, we headed through the LBJ State and National Parks between Fredericksburg and Johnson City. There were beautifule stretches of flowers here also, as you can see by the pictures.

2006-05-17_01 2006-05-17_02 2006-05-17_03 2006-05-17_04
2006-05-17_05 2006-05-17_06 2006-05-17_07 2006-05-17_08
2006-05-17_09 2006-05-17_10 2006-05-17_11 2006-05-17_12
2006-05-17_13 2006-05-17_14 2006-05-17_15 2006-05-17_16