Wildflowers 2007 (April 2007)

After a three-year absence, the yearly wildflower motorcycle trip returned to the Mariposa Ranch Bed & Breakfast in Brenham, TX. Predictions of rainy weather and a nagging cough led Jane and me to decide to take the car rather than the motorcycle. Fortunately, the forecast was way off the mark and we had beautiful weather save for some drizzle on the way to Brenham and an overnight thunderstorm. We followed the others in our car while they rode their Goldwings.

This year has had above-average rain already. After the disappointing flowers last year, it was wonderful to see acres and acres of blooms everywhere. When we weren't riding, we were eating, shopping, or sitting on the veranda at the Mariposa.

You can also check out Clif's pictures of the trip and Charlie's photos.

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Here are some additional pictures we took on a ride with Jane's mom and sister and an afternoon motorcycle ride out into the Hill Country. All in all, it was a pretty good year for the flowers.